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Solve your customers’ problems with banking to create sticky, engaged relationships.

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Offer banking products with Q2 for true scalability

Q2 Banking as a Service (BaaS) has streamlined all backend complexities, allowing you to focus on frontend design and the customer experience.

Our lightweight, cloud-based platform, CorePro, enables all of the following features:

  • Onboarding – Maximize user conversion while meeting all compliance requirements.

  • Accounts – Create checking accounts, interest-bearing savings accounts, and even joint accounts in one API call.

  • Cards – Create completely custom physical or virtual cards that reflect your brand.

  • Data & Controls – Own your users’ data and use it to better understand them and grow your business.

  • Admin Console – Easily support your end customers, regardless of your backend customer support structure.

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UI/UX Control
Design something truly unique in banking with full control over your users’ experience.
Flexible Bank of Record
We match each customer with the ideal bank of record and allow you to change banks — or become one — if your business requires it.
Cloud-based Core
Instant core updates and a unified source of truth between you and your bank of record.
Growth Revenue Model
Our cloud-based core enables a more efficient business model that allows you to capture more revenue and serve new customer segements.

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