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The Age of Abundant Banking—How to stay innovative when every company offers a debit card

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  • Consider your company in the context of a radically changing consumer banking sector

  • Discuss banking as a service (BaaS) with a high degree of nuance and comprehension

  • Communicate the differences between BaaS technologies

  • Weigh the pros and cons of BaaS providers

  • Take the necessary steps to offer unique banking products over the long term

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9 sections
2,500 words
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  1. Introduction: Accelerating toward the next normal
  2. Banks have a branding problem
  3. When banks lose, do tech companies gain?
  4. Innovation requires symbiosis between banks and technology companies
  5. The dawn of a new age of banking
  6. The role of traditional financial institutions in this new world
  7. Inferior and superior technological infrastructure
  8. Stay innovative over time with the right bank partnership
  9. Conclusion: Obsess over your rate of innovation

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